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Las Manillas EVOO


The Las Manillas olive juice is an extra virgin olive oil, from the flattest area of ​​Finca las Manillas. It is on these gentle hills where our youngest olive trees are found. Las Manillas is obtained from healthy olives at the optimum moment for the fruit, through careful selection.


Tasting notes:</h3 class=”cata”>

2017/18 Harvest

An oil of ripe fruit with herbal notes, the aroma of ripe tomato and artichoke standing out together with hints of red fruits such as strawberries and blackberries.

On the palate it is very balanced from the start and reminds us of the aromas perceived on the nose.

Mild and well-balanced bitterness and pungency. Medium persistence.


Characteristics of our Las Manillas EVOO

Las Manillas is an extra virgin olive oil which is a little milder and somewhat sweeter than Noviembre, being extracted from olives of the picual variety. To achieve this, we harvest the fruit a little later, when these olives are on the point of changing colour, seeking their optimum moment. It is an aromatic and fresh extra virgin, rich in hints of fruit, light, harmonious and rounded, easy on the palate and designed to be used for everyday cooking.

At Finca Las Manillas we are aware that obtaining the best properties for extra virgin olive oil is not an easy task. This is not us being whimsical, the combination of a whole series of factors, to which we pay special attention and care, influence the production of an authentic healthy extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.



Finca Las Manillas