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EVOO Noviembre Picual



Tasting notes:

2017/18 Harvest


With a rich green colour, “Noviembre” has a complex, medium-intense fruity green olive flavour, the vegetable and herbal hints of tomato, artichoke and green pepper standing out over the fruity aromas of apple, banana skin, almond and citrus.

It is initially smooth on the palate, with the first taste being the ripe fruits perceived on the nose. The bitterness is mild and the pungency is somewhat more intense and persistent. Good structure.

Balanced and harmonious.

These characteristics of our Noviembre Picual help enhance the flavour of any foods using it as an ingredient, being especially recommended for cold use when added to salads and creams to improve their taste without needing to use a large amount. Its aromas mean that it is equally suitable for consumption with oily fish or red meat.

Characteristics of our Noviembre Picual EVOO

Noviembre Picual is an EVOO with body, rich in phenols and with a high proportion of oleic acid. It has great stability that allows it to retain its positive attributes over time.

The high percentage of oleic acid and high content of phenols (antioxidants) in Noviembre Picual make it one of the healthiest oils on the market. Antioxidants are recognised for their beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system in general. These properties also give it great stability and strong resistance to oxidation and rancidity.



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