100ml Noviembre EVOO


Special edition in 100ml, designed for events, gifts and business presentations.
Variety: Monovarietal, Picual.
Tasting Notes: Intense fruitiness of green olive, with great olfactory complexity, in which the green tones of grass, tomato, almond and green apple stand out, along with aromatic herbs such as mint. It is smooth on the palate and the same olfactory notes are perceived. The bitterness is mild and the sharpness, of  high intensity, comes late and gradually.
Presentation: 100 ml glass container for food consumption and a coated paperlabel.
Cap: Synthetic Mikado.


Special edition in 100ml, designed for events, gifts and presentations for business Noviembre is a limited edition of 3,000 liters of this excellent extra virgin,
which is bottled in a 100 ml format in a bottle specially designed for the occasion.
If you wish, request information for the possibility of custom labels.
Ask for a budget without commitment for orders over 100 units.
This packaging format can be customized for any event or gift, for this access our contact form.