Noviembre EVOO Box of 4 bottles


Pack of 2 litres, this special gift box contains 4 bottles of 500 ml.
Variety: Monovarietal, Picual.
Tasting Notes: Intense fruitiness of green olives, clean, of great olfactory complexity involving herbaceous and fruity notes. Hints of fresh grass, tomato and
artichoke appear almost in unison with aromas of riper fruit such as apple, green banana and almond. Balsamic. Citrus touches. It is smooth on the palate and the same olfactory sensations appear, the green notes of artichoke and olive leaf standing out. Balanced bitterness and sharpness. Harmonious and persistent.
Presentation: 500ml container designed exclusively in glass that has been painted black, for better preservation, and with two-colour silkscreen printing.
Cap: Threaded, non-drip and non-refillable.


Noviembre is a limited edition of 3,000 litres of this excellent extra virgin oil, which is bottled in a 500 ml format in a bottle specially designed for the occasion.
Each bottle of our EVOO is verified by our mill master who checks their quality, one by one before placing them into their corresponding boxes.

Our Noviembre bottle has been designed specifically for the occasion. It is an extra clear 500 ml glass container with a thick base, which has been subjected to an integral matt painting process, onto which we have applied a novel design that represents the characteristic shower of leaves that is produced when knocking the olives off the tree and onto the nets. It comes in an elegant single-bottle box that allows the bottle to be seen through windows in the shape of leaves.  This bos of 4  bottles is specially designed for gifts, has side windows that allow you to see the bottles and which in turn make separators between the bottles.