Noviembre EVOO Pearls


We present our jar of Noviembre EVOO Pearls, designed to delight your palate when used uncooked in dishes, particularly all kinds of salads, vinaigrettes, cold soups, gazpacho, salmorejo or a simple canapé.


Noviembre Pearls are small spheres of extra virgin olive oil, creating a flavour explosion with the intensity and aroma of high quality oils. This is achieved through an encapsulation technology that allows us to create spheres with the same texture as caviar. Noviembre Pearls burst in the mouth, allowing the diner to enjoy a delicate portion of pure oil before mixing flavours with the rest of the ingredients used in the dish.
Size: 50 grams
Use: Noviembre Pearls is a new way to present and use extra virgin olive oil, meaning that it can be used anywhere you would use uncooked oil and it can also be used to decorate dishes. It works well with all kinds of dishes, hot and cold. Its membrane resists temperatures of up to 60ºC.
Preservation: Store it between 6ºC and 26ºC in a cool, dry place, away from sources of light, heat and strong odours. Once open it is advisable to consume it within a period of four weeks.