Noviembre Picual EVOO 250 ml


Noviembre is a limited edition of 3,000 litres of this excellent extra virgin oil, which is bottled in a 250 ml format in a bottle specially designed for gifts and easy


Variety: Monovarietal, Picual.
Tasting Notes: Intense fruitiness of green olive, with great olfactory complexity, in which the green tones of grass, tomato, almond and green apple stand out, along
with aromatic herbs such as mint. It is smooth on the palate and the same olfactory notes are perceived. The bitterness is mild and the sharpness, of high intensity, comes late and gradually.
Presentation: Pack of 250 ml tin with coated paper label.
AIRTIGHT: These are the best containers for food as they retain its freshness and nutritional qualities. They prevent air, oxygen and bacteria from contaminating the product.
OPAQUE: The opacity prevents the destruction of the vitamins and aromas of the extra virgin olive oil, which are affected by light.